Wild at heart

We all know that wildlife such as bees and butterflies are struggling in the UK. So all we need to do is scatter some wildflower seeds about and that will solve the problem, won’t it? Nope, it can even cause more problems! Read on to find out what the experts…Read More

Cluck, cluck, buh-cawk!!!

A certain grandpa pig in a cartoon I like has lots of problems with chickens eating his plants in his garden.  But chickens can actually be great garden helpers. I’ve been finding out about the good things they can do. Pest control Chickens love eating slugs and other insects and…Read More

There’s a worm at the bottom my garden

Actually there are loads of worms in my garden and I’ve called them all Wiggly Woo, it is pretty hard to tell them apart so I though the smart thing to do was give them all the same name. Mummy says that worms in our soil means the ground is…Read More

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