Book Review: Usborne Garden Sticker & Colouring Book

As you know, I am an expert on all things gardening. And I am pretty good at sticking and colouring too so I was the natural choice to give my expert opinion on Usborne’s latest book, handily called “Garden Sticker & Colouring Book”. But did it reach my high expectations…Read More

Introducing the Foody…

We were sent a weird but wonderful new contraption through the post this weekend and I had lots of fun showing M&D how to build it (they needed an expert like me to keep them right). Read on to find out what it is and what we are going to…Read More

Sow Clever: Upcycled Seed Trays

It’s the perfect time of year to start growing veg from seed (let’s face it the weather isn’t really good enough to be outdoors all day just yet so sneaking indoors to do some seed sowing is a good thing!) But you don’t need expensive seed trays or propagators. Literally…Read More

Lulu v Hedgehogs. Who will be the winner?

Today is doubly important. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, today is my 4th birthday! Hip hip hooray! But, spare a thought for my spiky friends, the hedgehogs, as it is National Hedgehog Day today. As it’s both our special days, my latest blog is how to care for us both!…Read More

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