Terms & Conditions

Vialii Garden Services is committed to providing the best possible garden maintenance experience for our customers. In order to do so we have the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Garden Visits

1.1 We endeavour, where requested, to attend clients’ gardens on set days however due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot guarantee a specific visit day/time. If there are times that we must not visit, please inform us so we can ensure our staff have vacated the site.

2. Access

2.1 If access through or from a neighbouring property is required to carry out specific tasks, permission must be sought by the client from the property owner or tenant before commencement of work.

3. Payment

3.1 Invoices and/or emailed payment requests must be settled within 7 days of receipt. Late payment may result in a claim for statutory interest (8 per cent over the current Bank of England base rate.)

3.2 Very poor weather conditions may sometimes result in delayed or missed visits. Only time on site will be invoiced. If you are paying on a set monthly instalment plan, any unused minutes will be reimbursed or not charged at the final month.

4. Marketing

4.1 Vialii Garden Services sometimes uses garden images or customer testimonials to promote business on the internet or other mediums. If you object to this then please let us know.

5. Health & Safety

5.1 Loud machinery is sometimes used to carry out maintenance work. Please inform us in advance if there is a time when this will cause you problems.  These machines can also create dust and smoke. Please keep your windows shut whilst maintenance work is been carried out.

5.2 Our staff cannot engage in any work that requires them to climb higher than the ladders they carry on board their vehicles will allow them to. Any high work will need to be assessed and priced.

5.3 Sometimes our operatives will be using controlled chemicals to kill weeds or promote growth. These are generally considered non toxic but should you be concerned or request more information then speak to your operative so they can provide you with details.

6. Additional Work

6.1 Your visiting operative will be adhering to strict times, if you would like anything particular done during the visit please make your wishes known as soon as they arrive rather than as they are packing up. They may not be in a position to undertake additional work on that visit but arrangements will be made to provide a quote/arrange the work at a future date.

6.2 No waste or rubbish other than the material produced as a result of our work will be removed unless agreed.

7. Standard of Work

7.1 At Vialii we pride ourselves on our standard of service and endeavour to ensure we consistently meet these high standards. Any issues arising from our garden visits concerning the standard of work, time keeping or the staff should quickly be brought to our attention so we can rectify them.

7.2 We understand that customers grow accustomed to a particular operative visiting their garden and while we will endeavour to send the same operative each time this is not always possible and cannot be guaranteed. All staff are trained to the same exacting standards.